MPM Screen Printer Service and Repair

ESP Works offers MPM Screen Printer Service and Repair on the following MPM screen printers: AP 20, AP 25, AP 25 HIe, UP 2000, UB 2000 HIe, UP 3000, Ultraflex, AccuFlex, UP 1500, SPM, Momentum, and Accela.

  • General Printer Trouble shooting and Repair
  • Installation of Used Printers
  • Training: Operation, Maintenance, and Programming
  • Preventive Maintenance

Calibrations Note:  ESP Works  has a complete set of Calibration Stencils, Jigs, and Gauges to perform all the needed infield calibrations.

  • AP Series and UP2000 Series
    Clean and re-lube as needed all linear rails and lead screws.
    Run vision diagnostics. This is the same test used by the Factory before glass plate verification is performed. It verifies Backlash and Repeatability of all axis’s used for alignment.
    Verify / Adjust table to print head IKO height.
    Inspect and clean vision cubes
    Square and focus camera
    Adjust vision cubes with C-Tool
    Run Histogram
    Run Vision Calibration and Learn Offsets
    Back up critical files
    Rebuild and calibrate lower pro-head assembly
  • UP3000 Ultraprint and Ultraflex
    Same as AP Series, Plus the following:
    Check and adjust Work nest to print head IKO rails, work nest to stencil shelf, track transfer height, snugger height, and print height.  Run track base settings.

Please contact ESP Works for  repair services and maintenance for the Momentum or Accela models.

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